AIP wallet payment


Payment technology

Technology based on soft payment technology anduniversal address brings disruptive blockchain payment experience to individual users

Management blockchain assets

Convenient management of blockchain assets with only one private key and one common address

Trusted and secure

Build an efficient, trusted, andsecureencryptedcommunication service usingthe public-private key principle

AIP blockchain and real-world security bridge

5G new era manufacturing ___

Build a 5G industrial intelligent manufacturing system. Innovative applications based on AIP and Internet of Things are leading the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing methods, which will usher in a major opportunity for China's manufacturing transformation, upgrading and innovation.

Decentralized game app


In the AIP system, you can support the application needs of a variety of games: for example, the financial industry, social and equity in the game. In addition, AIP-based smart contracts enable a more complex flow of game assets through Turing's complete programming language.

Third-party ecological solutions ___

Based on existing technological advantages and ecological resources, AIP will continue to deeply develop the underlying protocols of the Internet of Things in the future, and continuously integrate the world's top non-network communication companies to focus on the development of a unified standard for global Internet of Things communications.

AI artificial intelligence ___

A smart contract program is more than just a computer program that can be executed automatically: it is a system participant itself. It responds to the received message, it can receive and store value, and it can send out information and value.

AIP Foundation Organizational Structure

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AIP Digital Asset Management

The digital assets belonging to the AIP Foundation are arranged by the full-time financial staff authorized by the Strategic Decision Committee. Both digital asset transactions and legal currency transactions are arranged for independent and timely financial accounting. Follow best practices in financial internal control. The Foundation uses multiple signatures to ensure the security and accuracy of assets. All legal currency collected is converted into digital assets in time and deposited in digital wallets. Foundation assets may not be deposited in personal accounts.