Payment technology Technology based on Rou Pay and Universal Address brings disruptive blockchain payment experience to individual users

Management blockchain assets

Convenient management of blockchain assets with only one private key and one common address

Trusted and secure

Build an efficient, trusted, and secure encrypted communication service using the public-private key principle

AIP wallet payment

AIP wallet payment


1. AIP mobile wallet, based on technologies such as Rou Pay and universal address, brings a disruptive blockchain payment experience to individual users. AIP provides DAPP wallet, which is designed for users in the digital industry. Create an AIP mobile wallet based on technologies such as Rou Pay and Universal Address. The AIP Mobile Wallet offers many of the following features: 1.1 It is convenient to manage blockchain assets with only one private key and one common address. 1.2 Transceiver Bitcoin (or other encrypted digital currency) is available in seconds and has zero commission. 1.3 Support for most mainstream encrypted digital currencies. 1.4 Communication module based on RSA algorithm encryption, to achieve absolute private information communication. AIP mobile wallet has built-in encryption communication function, based on AES algorithm encryption, using public and private key principle to build an efficient, reliable and secure encrypted communication service. All sent information will be encrypted by AES algorithm, ensuring user data and privacy, AIP The built-in encrypted communication feature will provide absolute privacy for encrypted digital users. Common IM communications have a central system for managing user accounts, and security issues depend on reliable or qualified certificates. In this mode, if the certificate authority has a certain network hardware between the user server and the target server, it will be able to perform targeted man-in-the-middle attacks on seemingly secure communications. Solution: AIP generates a pair of public and private keys for users based on the traditional server technology. The public and private keys are generated by the RSA algorithm and are uniquely matched to ensure data security.  During the communication process, the message is transmitted from A to B. The message content of A is encrypted by B's public key. After the message is sent, B decrypts the message content with its own unique private key, so that the entire message is removed in all aspects of the system. All users except B are invisible.

The message mode is as follows
Global supernode
Day-round maintenance